This Guy Ate What For His Last Meal..?

Just stumbled upon a very interesting article on twitter about a death row inmate’s last meal. In Atmore, Alabama an inmate by the name of Jeremy Morris asked prison guards for a Bible as his last meal…. Continue reading “This Guy Ate What For His Last Meal..?”

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One Wish for A Soccer Fan Living in The US.

Growing up I was never a big soccer fan, matter of fact I hated the sport. Couldn’t tell you why. Probably because I fucking sucked at it but oh well. What turned me on to soccer was the video game FIFA 12. I was hooked. And then I experienced watching my first World Cup, in 2014. Making my love for the sport even greater. But for a soccer fan living in the US you don’t have any good soccer you can watch. One wish I have is to experience ‘El Clasico’, the longtime rival of soccer clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Continue reading “One Wish for A Soccer Fan Living in The US.”

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