What you should know..

TheLyfe is more than your basic interview/blog! We know how to pick at the creative minds of leading Entrepreneurs! Nothing is off limits, and YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Boring is not something we are used to, so it’s nothing you should settle for! After all, aren’t you tired and bored of the same, “How did you get where you’re at?”, or “What is your journey?” type questions?

TheLyfe gets into real questions that matter like, “What does your average trip to Target look like? If you could combine two animals to make the perfect pet, which would they be? Would you rather watch your parents get it on everyday for the rest of your life, or join in once?” We really tackle it from all angles.. Keeping it fun is where it all lays! Let loose and enjoy the ride! (<<< That last sentence may, or may not be my answer to the last hypothetical question in this long ass paragraph)

Oh, also, we put out motivational articles every Monday! Juuuust enough to keep you going! Welcome to TheLyfe.