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As Much As I Hate To Say It… LeBron, You’re One Of The Greats

As Much As I Hate To Say It... LeBron, You're One Of The Greats

Yesterday LeBron took a huge blow that Michael (GOAT) Jordan has never experienced… Being swept in the NBA Finals. That’s besides the point, and I think it’s time we all tip our hat to LeBron “King” James.

Everyone knows my long lasting rivalry with LeBron James, and loyalty to the greatest to ever play – Michael Jordan. After watching this series of Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers, I was able to put everything into perspective. LeBron James is an amazing athlete that we should all be enjoying. LeBron is hands down the best player in the league, the world, and is what basketball needed since the MJ era.

Now do I believe he is the great of all time? No. Michael Jordan will always wear that crown for me. HOWEVER, I no longer have any reason to want LeBron to lose, simple as that. He carried this Cavs team all year, and I wouldn’t blame him for leaving after this season. (My guess is to the Lakers) The guy is entertaining to watch, and is in a league of his own.


I believe it’s time we stop hating on the guy, and start to give the credit when it’s due. LeBron James has played on teams with absolute bums, and has made those teams top contenders every year. I know bullshit SportsCenter will start their intense campaign of “Where will LeBron go? Did the Cavs lose because of LeBron? Is LeBron getting too old? Do you think LeBron uses the hole in his boxers, or pulls the waistband down to pee?” but I will not let them make me start hating him again because LeBron coverage is all they know.

Honestly, maybe if J.R Smith didn’t drink as much Henney before Game 1 then we’d be having a different discussion.


LeBron James: 4x MVP, 2004 Rookie of the Year, 3x NBA Champion. and the definition of putting a team on your back. King James, you are one of the greats.

Now that I have paid my respect, enjoy LeBron’s best career highlights:


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