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Breaking: El Chapo’s Rival Amado Carrillo Fuentes AKA El Señor De Los Cielos Faked His Death?

El Chapo’s Rival Amado Carrillo Fuentes AKA El Señor De Los Cielos Faked His Death?

Is the RUTHLESS kingpin living it up after faking his own death to escape the FBI and his deadly rival El Chapo? Amado Carrillo Fuentes also known as “El Señor De Los Cielos” (Lord of the sky), is said to be living a kingpin life in Cuba after faking his death… fooling the FBI, and getting out of the sight of El Chapo.

Amado Carrillo Fuentes was the most powerful cocaine trafficker in Mexico in the late 1990s with a net worth of approximately $29 billion. Amado got his nickname “El Señor De Los Cielos” because he would fly his shipments of cocaine to the US/Mexico border in Boeing 727s.

Amado pictured in the middle next to one of his jets.

Not sure what a Boeing 727 looks like? Here’s a picture so you get a good idea of how much cocaine this man was transporting:

Anyways, after the Feds made Amado a prime target, he “died” due to plastic surgical complications.

Even though there was a video released in 1997 of Amado Carrillo Fuentes in his coffin, the face of the person in the coffin was too damaged to really be able to tell who it was.

So how did he fake his death? Here’s one thing you should know before we get into that; The cartel is made up of men willing to kill, and die for their boss. Loyalty, respect, and violence are what they are made of. With that said, one of Amado’s men was promised money, and protection for his family if he took the fall for his boss. In a country of poverty, you will do anything for the good of your family. Unfortunately for him “the fall” consisted of him being killed, then having plastic surgeons perform surgery on his face to make it look like it was in fact Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

The plastic surgeons, and their assistant were then found dead in barrels of concrete. Sound familiar? El Chapo had architects design, and build his tunnel to escape prison. After the escape, he gunned down all those that worked on the tunnel to tie loose ends. This is what they do, covering their tracks is the #1 rule.

Amado’s cousin, Sergio Carrillo even said “Amado is fine. He is alive. He had surgery and also had surgery practiced on some poor unfortunate person to make everybody believe it was him, including the authorities.”

There have also been reports in the Mexican press that Fuentes was spotted with his daughter years after his apparent “death”.

What makes this all more believable? When Amado’s supposed body was found, everyone refused to do a DNA test on the body to see if in fact it was him. Why would they do that? Simple, they were on his payroll. “But the USA FBI, and DEA would never do that” you say… lol it is a known fact that USA DEA, and FBI agents have been on cartel payroll. How else do you think they FLY PLANES TO THE BORDER LOADED WITH DRUGS?!? WAKE UP PEOPLE. It’s a business.

Mexico’s top anti-drug official (and leading military official) was put in prison for also being on the cartel’s payroll.

Still not enough for you to believe this? Months before Amado Carrillo Fuentes “died”, was tracked in Cuba making investments towards constructing a new home with his girlfriend who “disappeared” days after his “death”. Witnesses have also stated, he was making shipments of money by the billions to Cuba in the months leading up to his death.


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