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Mookie “Batts” Betts Is Running The MLB

Mookie “Batts” Betts Is Running The MLB

Moooookieeee! A man amongst boys! Swatted not one, not two, but THREE home runs today for the second time this season, and fourth time of his career. That is WILD.

Mookie Betts’ three home run game today puts him at the top of leader board with 11 home runs this season. Most players just want to get on base. Mookie? Nah, he wants to rip shots to the clouds. That’s the Mookie way.

Boston Red Sox are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to batting against lefties (.202 avg) and today they faced Danny Duffy, a leftie for the Royals. With the Red Sox down 3-0 through the third inning, Mookie took upon himself to open the flood gate by unleashing a 452 ft. bomb in the fourth inning. This was just the beginning. I’m actually surprised the bum ass Royals let Danny Duffy even face Mookie 4 times! You do something that stupid, then you deserve to lose and possibly get forced into retirement.

Boston Red Sox did end up winning after the glorious comeback, 5-4. This game now crowns Mookie Betts as the new record-holder for most three home run games in Red Sox history with four – passing Ted Williams who had three 61 years ago.



This win improves the Boston Red Sox to 22-8 on the season. (That’s as good as it gets) Still early in the season, but I will give my hot ass take anyways, BOSTON IS A WORLD SERIES TEAM.

Also, I think Mookie Betts should change his name to Mookie Batts.


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