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Ever Wonder How Much More Rich Your Boss Is Than You?… Well If You Live In Illinois, This Is Your Year!

Ever Wonder How Much More Rich Your Boss Is Than You?...

Illinois has been attempting to take the right steps towards transparency when it comes to pay/salary. Ever since the pay gap uproar, Illinois has been working on doing us the HUGE favor of reminding us how much more money our company CEO’s make… Gee thanks.

For the first time ever, Illinois companies will have to disclose how much money their current CEO makes compared to the Median Employee in their company starting this year. With that said, they will also have to disclose how much their average employee makes, which is what could turn into a problem.

Obviously the CEO makes 84718390x more than we do, for the most part they are keeping a stable operation for all of us to work… at least that is what I’m told, even though they are always on vacation.

Anyways, the issues that I see coming up are the employees making under the median range will now have access to the information and start a new wave of uproars.

Below is a sneak peek of the first few companies that have released the information:


Yeah, opens your eyes a little bit… CEO’s will always make a crazy amount of money, that will never change. I believe they’ve earned it. Before we go bashing them for their earnings, we need to remember that without them steering the ship, you can kiss your career goodbye.

The most important figure in that chart is the Median Employee Pay. Being overpaid? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Are you underpaid? You have to fix that.

Meanwhile your CEO:




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