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Is The Johnny Manziel Comeback SZN A Reality? (What Team Is Pursuing?)

Is Johnny Manziel Comeback SZN A Reality? (What Team Is Pursuing?)

Johnny Manziel has been working hard to get back on the field. He has made it very apparent that he has been training harder than ever, and has done everything in his power to get back to where he was. This time around, he is making sure it’s done right!

There’s no doubt that Johnny Manziel was the most entertaining QB to watch in the NCAA. Even in the NFL he showed that flare with the limited chances he had.


Johnny Manziel attended the Texas A&M Pro Day earlier this week and met with a team NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE that day! He has also met with them once before the actual Pro Day. Who is this team expressing interest in the Money Man himself? THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! That’s right… Bill Belichick and Company! The man who can turn any QB on his team, into an ELITE athlete!

Belichick was also saying he is “planning for years ahead”. Jesus Christ… imagine having a huge down fall, getting your act together, starting to train day & night to return to the NFL, and no other than THE Belichick expressing interest in your comeback SZN!? I don’t know about you, but there is not ONE QB in this galaxy that wouldn’t want to play for this guy:

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick, Founder of Football and the QB position.

Will Manziel make the comeback I have waited so patiently for?! Manziel Behind Tom (GOAT) Brady? I can R2SPECT that. (Shout out Jeter)

Johnny Manziel’s Pro Day Highlights:


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