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Green Bay Packers Now Have To Roll Over So The Chicago Bears Can Pet Their Belly

Green Bay Packers Now Have To Roll Over So The Chicago Bears Can Pet Their Belly

Free Agency has been the most intense  it’s ever been this year. Chicago Bears have pretty much cleared house, and went all out this free agency to recruit, and resign talent. The Packers? well… They tried.

With the Green Bay Packers being the Oklahoma Thunder of football, they’ve needed an extra push to finally make it through first round of playoffs. Yeah, Packers won a ring in 2011… THAT WAS 7 YEARS AGO, get over it! I was still in high school for goodness sake. It’s the Old Wisconsin Tale of being just good enough to not win. For some reason there’s pride in that?! This is like me losing every game of BINGO but saying I was one square away from hitting it every time… exactly, no one cares.

Anyways, the Packers are a good team and there’s no denying that. This off-season has been rough for Green Bay, releasing Jordy Nelson, the letting go of QB Coach Alex Van Pelt which ruffled Aaron Rodgers’ feathers. They did sign Jimmy Graham, but the last time Green Bay utilized a tight end – leather helmets were still a thing.

Then out of no where, there was hope! Chicago Bears corner-back Kyle Fuller hit free agency. A young, quick, lock down corner-back hit the market! This is exactly what Green Bay has needed. They have a decent defensive core, but if they could improve their defensive backs, then they all of a sudden become one of the best defenses in the league hands down!

Here’s how it all played out: Green Bay Packers expressed great interest in signing Kyle Fuller this off-season. They even went as far as to extend a great offer to try and steal the lock down corner-back on a 4-year deal worth $56M. Here’s the thing… The Chicago Bears never intended to let Kyle Fuller walk away, but did they want Green Bay to know that? HELL NO! The Chicago Bears waited the full week to finally match the offer, and bring him back. This means the Packers had all that money tied up for a whole week of Free Agency, preventing them from pursuing other free agents.

Chicago Bears front office watching the Packers attempt to steal their corner back.

Well played Chicago, well played. Welcome back Fuller.

PS – Peep the picture uploaded. Fuller VS Packers.




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