OJ Simpson’s (Somehow) Lost Confession is Wild…

NYT – On Sunday night, Fox aired “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession,” a two-hour special that the network has been promoting for weeks as a shocking, must-see interview that was recently found.

Originally shot in 2006, the conversation between Mr. Simpson and the publishing magnate Judith Regan was intended then to promote the ReganBooks release of “If I Did It,” described as a “hypothetical” explanation of how the N.F.L. Hall of Famer might have murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman — a crime for which he was acquitted in 1995.

Still, “The Lost Confession” did offer a rare chance to hear Mr. Simpson’s own perspective on the murders (which he never testified about in the original criminal trial). And Fox tried to make the old interview relevant to today’s news by putting it in the context of powerful, famous men abusing women.

Hosted by Soledad O’Brien, “The Lost Confession” alternated clips from the interview with new commentary from a panel that included Ms. Regan, Christopher Darden (the lawyer who helped prosecute the original case), Jim Clemente (a retired F.B.I. profiler), Rita Smith (a spokeswoman for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), and Eve Shakti Chen (a friend of Ms. Brown’s).

… Wait What? OJ Simpson’s step-by-step confession somehow flew under the radar for all these years!? They guy went into so much detail about the murder! The whole “I didn’t murder her, BUTTTT if I did.. this is what I did” approach is a clear indicator that OJ did do it.

That’s it, the Juice is Loose… and guess what. Your boy OJ is a murderer!

OJ Simpson plead not guilty while confessing. Gotta tip my hat to pulling that one off.

OJ’s testimony summed up:


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