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Justin Thomas is Bad For Golf.

Justin Thomas is bad for golf.

The beauty of sports is the satisfaction of competing. Not only that, but rubbing it in to all the LOSERS you beat. Justin Thomas though? He’s a bitch boy.

I’ve played sports all my life! There is nothing more satisfying than winning. With that said, there is nothing more satisfying than shit talking, some banter, a little locker room talk from the boys… Then there’s boys like Justin. Boys that like sitting down while they pee.

However, Justin Thomas recently had a fan that was chirping him escorted out. No, it wasn’t pre- or mid-swing… THE BALL WAS ALREADY IN THE AIR, when a a fan yelled out “GET IN THE BUNKER!” Justin “Bitch Boy” Thomas then asked “Who said it?!” as he approached the crowd. Of course the chirping man owned up to it, and Justin Thomas had security escort him out!

What’s wrong Justin? Can’t handle a little bleacher talk? Fans are in this world to root for their team, and root against the competition… how do you even get through life? Do you stay away from playing UNO? Because that shit gets intense… Imagine if Justin Thomas played a sport with more than 1,000 fans… He’d retire after the first game.

Justin Thomas, you’re bad for golf. Your apology was bad for golf, and you should just do what every other athlete does that can’t face the heat… become an announcer.

With softies like Justin “Bitch Boy” Thomas ruining golf… the only hope for the sport is a comeback from this guy:



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