Donald Trump Insults The Oscar’s Ratings… Jimmy Kimmel Had To Remind The President Of His

So if you haven’t caught on by now, Donald Trump loves two things: golfing, and Twitter. Unfortunately, his Twitter game isn’t the most up to par…

Award shows in general are on a down fall. I don’t think America cares about the accomplishments of celebrities anymore. We get enough gloating from peers every time we log into Facebook. “Bought my first car! #Adulting” No, you are just doing what every grown up in America has to do… that’s an accomplishment? Okay, congrats. We should also congratulate you every time you pay a bill, or change a diaper… you muppet.

Anyways, Donald Trump decided to take his shit talking talents to Twitter to call out the Oscar Awards for their ratings… Little did old Donnie Fingerz know that Jimmy Kimmel has something in store for him..

The fact that our PRESIDENT called himself a “star” is hilarious. Trump lives in an imaginary world, and people support it for some reason. Donald Trump can shit talk alllll he wants, we all know there’s no action behind his words… just a a mediocre tweet.

Long story short, Donald. Come at Jimmy, you best not miss.


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