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Slot shops popping up everywhere!

Make money or lose it all, Lady Luck decides!

Now I’m not sure why to really call them. But I’m talking about places where you can play video slots, do some gambling. That’s one hell of a time. You could throw $20 in and win $500 or lose your ass, it’s up to lady lucky.

Let’s get the facts out there. I’m a 23 year old that has gone to Las Vegas twice in the past two years. IT IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. I’m not a gambling addict by any means but when you bet two dollars on one spin and end up winning $640, that’s awesome. Vegas is an adult playground. You can walk around slammin brews or lose your life savings. Risk taking and rule breaking! Vegas isn’t the only place, you can obviously find Casinos everywhere. Lately though I’ve seen a huge jump in small spots where you can go and kick back and play.

I’m from a small town in the Midwest but within a 15 minute drive there’s about 10 places to gamble. It’s a nice rush to possibly triple your investment. Like the stock market except you don’t have any control whatsoever. The only difference is that there’s no free beer. In Sin City you can drink for free. FREE! You get free drinks as long as long as you’re playing, hell yeah!

I’m not sure why or how all these shops are popping up but I’m perfectly ok with it. You used to have to goto the bar or all the way to the casino to play the slots. It’s more convenient to just throw my crocs on and drive 5 minutes and feel like a baller. Hell, I might pull all my spare change together and go play now, CYA!


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