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This Guy Ate What For His Last Meal..?

Just stumbled upon a very interesting article on twitter about a death row inmate’s last meal. In Atmore, Alabama an inmate by the name of Jeremy Morris asked prison guards for a Bible as his last meal….


Yes, you read that right. This dude asked for a Bible to eat as his last meal. And he ended up eating all 1200 pages or so of the sacred book. Personally, I’ve actually tried eating paper before and it never goes well. I can’t even describe how it tastes, makes your throat dry and it’s pretty hard to swallow. So, props to this dude for eating 1200 pages!

If I were on death row I’d probably ask for a t-bone steak or some risotto or something. Not a fucking Bible. I don’t know if this dude hates the world, which he probably does, or what. But it must take a very sick person to eat a God damn Bible. Not like I know what’s on those pages because I’ve never been to church or read a single page in my life, but I just know that’s fucked up. And look at these tattoos this guy has, what in the fuck is going on there? Dude definitely worships the devil or some shit. Probably racist as shit as well. I hate to be judgmental but c’mon, dudes on death row. You have to do some fucked up shit to be put on death row. But anyways, he really missed out on some great food for his last meal.


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