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Another school shooting in the US..

Innocent people fall victim to a cowards death wish.

This is fucking ridiculous. Another asshole with a gun hurting and killing innocent people. Why? Because he had a shitty life? Get over it. Pussy.

This may come off as harsh but I don’t care. Any piece of scum that thinks it’s ok to do something like what happened yesterday or countless times before should be sentenced to death. Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida is where this new tragedy occurred. A coward by the name of Nikolas Cruz, whom by the way, I hope burns in hell, was the shooter. He entered his former school which he was expelled from last year and opened fire. 17 dead, many injured and an entire city and state traumatized. This is unbelievable.

According to CNN there have been 18 school shootings since the first of the year. Are you ducking kidding me, 18?! This is sickening. Sadly, yesterday also marked the 10 year anniversary of the Northern Illinois University shooting which left 6 dead. Only four months removed from the deadliest shooting in US history which happened in a place I love, Las Vegas. I am not going to sit here and blame gun control. I’m not going to play the race game. Whoever decides to reek such havoc is an animal and should be treated as such. No matter the circumstance.

In times like this the nation comes together for a split second to mourn and send prayers. Then, before the dust even settles politics and race are brought up. Fuck off. We need to spend more time reflecting on the tragedy and come together as one. Whether it is a national disaster, a school shooting or anything of this magnitude we need to come together. The world doesn’t need more negativity and political debates. Innocent children now a days are sent to school with a risk of never coming home. Let that sink in. A place we send kids and young adults before they ever really start their lives.

I am hurt and sickened anytime I see the breaking news of a terrible act like this. Sadly it has become the norm. When I was a kid the biggest threat I faced was tearing my pants playing football at recess. As a nation we need to come together. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this heartless act. America, it’s time for change. God Bless.


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