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Olympics Update

We’re 6 days into the Olympics and I still couldn’t care any less about them. Never been a big fan of the sports during the winter. Snowboarding is about the only thing I might watch. But a few things have stood out so far during this years games..

So the real first big head line of the Olympics was about the psychopath in charge of North Korea, Kim Jung Un. Well it wasn’t really about him, but it was about his sister. I’m surprised Kim let her out of the house or whatever the fuck they live in over there. There was quite a big deal about how “good looking” she is. Not too sure why this was made such a big deal but hey, its the American news. Anything could be made a big deal. Anyways, yea i could see her kind of being good looking, but her brother is a moron so I don’t think anybody would ever date her. Don’t know if she already has a bf/husband already, don’t care either. Moving on.

Another big thing getting into the headlines is Shaun White. Arguably the greatest snowboarder of all time. The Flying Tomato they call him, has just earned his 3rd gold medal. Giving him the most ever by a snowboarder. Good for him. But that’s not all that’s on Shaun’s plate at the moment. First, during the awards ceremony of his gold medal finish, the American Flag he had wrapped around his shoulder ended up hitting the ground. He is getting blasted by journalists from all over the country. One thing I have to say to them is, “Shut the Fuck up”. Shaun didn’t mean to do that shit on purpose, he is an American champion, best snowboarder ever. Yea I get the flag isn’t supposed to touch the ground but c’mon, this guy has won multiple times, it wasn’t on purpose. Let the man enjoy his gold medal victory. But it get’s worse for Shaun, a woman came out and said that he sexually harassed her. Now he is going to get a ton of shit just because he was accused of this, not because he was found guilty. Isn’t somebody innocent until proven guilty? I’ve seen Law and Order like a million times and I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. Our society is a joke nowadays. So besides those 2 things, Shaun had himself a great Olympics.

That’s all I really have about the Olympics. Like I said, I don’t really give a shit about the Winter Olympics. The Summer Olympics are better.


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