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She put dip where..?

Put a dip in your lip, no not those lips!

Warning, this shit is fucked. Yesterday I was on Facebook and a buddy tagged me in a video. It was a chewing video. Ya know big ole lips of Copenhagen. Real cool manly stuff. But uhh, this wasn’t any normal video.

This featured a girl holding a dip can. A tin of Grizzly pouches. It’s like chewing tobacco for pussies. A little pinch in a teabag like pouch. Now in my opinion I’m a dipping experiment. I’ve been throwing in lips since sophomore year, sorry Mom. I’ve tried damn near every dip you can have. Loose leaf, snuff, snus and my all time favorite: Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut. Dip comes in all sorts of cuts and flavors. Pouches are mostly chewed by beginners or people who want to be discreet, and well this girl was very discreet.

She opens up the tin and grabs a pouch and STICKS IT IN HER SNATCH. Like what are you doing. I think you’re doing it wrong sweetie. You can obviously put it in your lip and there’s some that you can snort, and no it’s not cocaine. Those are the only holes they dip goes in. I’m not 100% sure if this is a real video but if it is, oh lord have mercy. That has to burn. You can take a week off from dipping and it will burn like the devils ass. Here’s the video, viewer discretion advised.

I’m not saying people need to dip and I’m definitely not saying it’s bad. Just a quit tip for “lady dippers”: Don’t put it in your last bits. I’ve heard of people putting it between their toes or giving themselves paper cuts and putting the juice in there. That’s real dedication, I’ll stick to the classic, pack it and toss it in.


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