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What are you doing Snapchat?!


Snapchat you’re stupid! You can’t just go and completely change what everyone is used too. Well I guess you can, since you fucking did. You completely trashed your app with this wack ass update. Obviously I’ll still use Snapchat but damn, don’t do us like this.

It’s a compete mess now. I open it up and people I met once at a party are at the very top with their snap story of a dog or a “#1 Victory Royale”. I want my people, my day ones and my cute ass girlfriend at the top. Not randoms. People nowadays like stuff to be as simple as possible. Everything has a specific spot and place. Now you just get drunk in a think tank and go “throw it all on one screen”. NO. If you want your app to be more like this take baby steps. Don’t just dive head first into the shallow end in a kiddy pool.

This is just a quick rant because Snapchat just betrayed all of us. Now some of you might not care but I bet 99% of you were so confused when you opened up Snapchat to this new mess of an update. You still win though. I’ll still use your app everyday but I’ll be cranky while doing it. Please make it cool again. #MakeSnapchatGreatAgain.


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