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Brewers Are Going Full Hardo To Keep Chicago Cub Fans Out Of Their Stadium!!

The Chicago Cubs VS The World

If you haven’t heard by now, Chicago Cub’s step child, the Milwaukee Brewers, have launched a pathetic attempt to keep Chicago Cub fans out of Miller Park when they play us!

A “Resident Only Presale For All Cubs Games” campaign has launched in Milwaukee, and it is the most satisfying thing of all time! No no no, it isn’t a presale for all Brewers games, just when they play the Cubs.

How bad does your team and fan base have to be?! Milwaukee Brewers are so tired of Chicago kicking their ass in every sport known to man, that they are looking to drown us out by HOPEFULLY having their fans buy enough tickets before the season starts, that they out number us. HAHAHAH

This last season, I’ll admit, when the Chicago Cubs played in Milwaukee, I had to double take because I thought they were at Wrigley. That’s how many W flags and Cubbie blue were in those stands. So I guess I understand how that is embarrassing for the “home” team… not good for the brand.

Why do Cub fans deserve this punishment?!? It’s not like Milwaukee has enough fans to fill up that stadium anyways! If anything, Chicago is doing Milwaukee a favor! “Oh look, the Cubs are in town, we should go!” We put asses in seats!

Regardless, Cub fans or no Cub fans… THE W WILL FLY! We will still be in first, while Milwaukee Brewers remain being POO!


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