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Chivalry isn’t dead…

Paying for a dinner date, guy or girl?!

So if you’ve read some of my blogs you know I like to rant. I get fired up and I let it rip. Last night me and my girlfriend were at dinner. No biggie nice dinner, nice waitress and great food. Everything was fine and dandy until it came to getting the check…We finish up and the waitress brings that little dumbass book over with the check in it. She automatically sets it on my side of the table. Mind you the table is empty at this point. This happens at 99% of the places me and my girlfriend go. Everyone ALWAYS puts the check by me. I don’t mind at all, I was raised to be a gentleman and pay for dinner. But why automatically assume and put it by me? Like fuck I know I got mad stacks in the bank, SIKE, but my girls got money. We’re in the age of empowering women and fighting for more equality for females SET THE CHECK IN A NEUTRAL PART OF THE TABLE!

My girlfriend grabs it and puts her card in there and boom we’re ready to go. The waitress sees from a distance and comes to grab the ticket. My girl goes to the bathroom because I swear she drinks a gallon of water a meal! The waitress comes over and has the audacity to say “You’re seriously having her pay? That’s ridiculous.” Excuse the fuck out of me? Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I was put back by that. Who are you to judge me just because my girlfriend is paying? She’s spoiled, she can have whatever she wants and I have no problem paying every time. Truth is, it took me a long time before I let her touch the tab on anything. So if once in a great while she wants to spoil me, as much as i hate it, DO YOU BABYGIRL! Just because I’m the man doesn’t mean I’m flipping the bill for everything.

This really fired me up and really made me think. Don’t be rude and automatically think less of someone for not doing something. When it comes to paying I’m usually 85% paying and she takes the other 15%. It’s honestly empowering to a female to be able to do that. She doesn’t need a man to provide for her she can do it herself! I’m a fucking gentleman and you can just clean up my mess and do your damn job. Sorry for the rant but get outta here with that shit!


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