Jimmy Garoppolo Reels In Record-Breaking Contract With 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo is the future. Not only was he a back-up to the greatest QB of all-time Tom Brady, but that Patriots coaching staff has worked to develop this man into a Franchise Quarterback, and today he signed the contract of his life.

Jimmy Garappolo signed a five-year, $137.5 million contract with a $90 million guaranteed in his first three years! The kid is only 26 years-old and is already the league’s highest paid player.

In my eyes, Garoppolo is the first step to saving the 49ers future. He came in to that team when they were 1-10, and lead them to victories in their final five games. Not only that but, set a franchise record for passing yards in his first five starts with the team (1,542), without knowing Kyle Shanahan’s offense… That’s probably because he is THE OFFENSE.

Jimmy is a star in the making, and I called it since his first preseason game with the New England Patriots. The kid balls out, and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Averaged 8.76 yards per pass, completed 120/178 passes, passed for 7 TD’s and rushed for 1 TD. He is built to carry a team, and I’m rooting for the guy!

Even though a $137.5 million contract is a shit ton of money for only six games played, it’s Garapollo’s league now…



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