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The dark days of winter…

The countdown to summer begins.

That’s right folks, here we are 3 days removed from the end of the NFL season. If you’re a football fan like me this is the worst time of the year. It’s still too cold to go day drink at the golf course. Not socially acceptable to wear my crocs to the store. There’s really nothing to look forward too. Yeah the combine and the draft happen but IT’S NOT THE SAME. These are the dark days.Early February, not even time for March Madness. The Olympics are happening but it’s the Winter Olympics. Not even close to as cool as the Summer games.  Winter olympics are like saying “Man can’t wait for the WNBA game”.  What to do, what to do? This is primo Netflix season. Binge on all the goodies. If you’re looking for something good look up “Trailer Park Boys.” DECENT! That show is fucking hilarious. You could get your beach body ready? Hit the gym up and get your grind on. Get ready for those summertime 12 oz curls for the girls. Valentine’s day is coming, thats neat.

It’s 147 days until Fourth of July, my favorite holiday. Around 50 days until MLB opening day, Go Cubbies! We have to wait until September 1 to watch Bama start another championship run. Sports are basically taking a nap right now. Sorry to the basketball fans out there but March Madness is the only exciting thing to happen for the sport in my opinion. You can’t even go out back and grill some steaks!!! This is horsehit. We need warm weather and sunny skies. Bring on summer 2018, we need you!


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