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MTV’s Catfish is a joke!

It could be real or it could be fake like the famous "Catfish" they investigate.

So MTV has a hit show called “Catfish”. Its been out for quite sometime now. ITS FUCKING STUPID. It’s about people who meet online and fall in love. Nev and Max, the hosts, research and try to figure out if the person is really who they say they are. I think its a bunch of scripted bull ish. It’s the internet, you don’t believe everything you see on here. Well except anything posted by the team here at TheLyfe.This show has been on the air since 2012. Almost 6 years of hopeless romantics meeting the “perfect person” online and getting their hearts crushed on national television. To be honest I love that part. You shouldn’t be out here falling in love with strangers that you’ve never seen before. Yes looks don’t mean everything, i mean damn im a burly, bearded fat boy with a gorgeous girlfriend. It’s about the personality. BUT and this is a big BUT, if you’re advertising a Maserati and I pull up and you’re a dented Ford Pinto im going to be a little upset. Don’t lie and be yourself, you’ll be surprised at what can happen.

Earlier I said I think it is scripted and i’ll stand by that. You’re trying to tell me that in the year 2018 people aren’t using snapchat to validate if someone is real? CMON FUCKERS!! You’ve got girlfriends out here that could work for the FBI with their social media digging skills. It’s not that hard. If im single and matching with putas on Tinder the first thing im gonna ask is “Yo whats your snapchat?”. If she says she doesn’t have one, “Traci” probably isn’t that cute blonde but more like a 49 year old pedo that lives in a shack. They have a total of 117 episodes in their 7 seasons which means 117 people are dumber than a box of rocks on the short bus headed to stupid town.

I’m not saying that you can’t find the love of your life on social media or on the internet. I’m just saying you have to be smart. What I am saying though is that if you think you are being “Catfished” cut your losses and save yourself the trouble of possibly looking like a complete doofus on TV. Woohoo wow yay, Jack really is a strong chiseled college student and you’re going to live happily ever after. I think this show is a wack ass joke, just scripted for views and ratings. Can’t hate em though because I do tune in just to laugh at the people that get their shit exposed on national tv. Get out from behind the computer and live life and love it.  People suck and are going to judge you if you’re not their picture of perfect. Fuck people and be happy.


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