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College Athletes Need To Be Paid!!

As any sports fan knows, this is an age old debate that will always be talked about. I personally don’t think it will ever happen, but this is just my take on the whole matter.

Now before I start, this argument is only if the players are Division 1 NCAA players. They’re the ones generating all of the money. Not the lower division 2 or division 3 players. Anyways, in 2016 the NCAA made 1 billion dollars. Not a penny went to the athletes. The NCAA claims the athletes are getting paid with a good education. Is that right? Bunch of bullshit if you ask me. There’s been numerous scandals about the education these people are getting. People taking fake classes, people cheating on tests, you name it. The system is a joke. It needs to be changed.

You have players who spend more time practicing their certain sport than they are spending time in class. You have players who could travel 2 times a week for games, missing class time. Their “job” when they go to college is sports first, then education. Because the sports make the money, money runs the world. You can go to your local Dick’s Sporting Goods and buy a jersey with somebody’s name on the back, and they won’t see a penny of that money. Players have to take under the table cash, clothes, cars, houses, you name it because some of these athletes come from no money. They have to be able to survive while on campus, and if your family is broke, how are you going to survive? There’s a lot of players that only go to these schools for 1 year, and then they go pro. What is the point of being a student? You’re only there for a year. None of it makes sense to me. There’s college coaches making multi-millions a year, and they’re not even the ones playing the game.

Something has to change. The players need to be compensated a different way. Given money every week to live, something. I don’t know when or if it ever will change, but the NCAA players need to be paid.


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