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2018: Trubisky Time

Building a team around a guy who loves to...

Chicago Bears had another season where they did justtttt good enough to not get a good draft pick, BUT Mitch Trubisky (AKA Pretty Assassin) is a good start!

Trubisky is my boy. I’m sold, and all in on the guy. Young, mobile, and still developing. This is exactly what the Chicago Bears needed! He’s a white Russell Wilson, the only difference is Trubisky didn’t bang Future’s girl.


Look, the Bears have pissed away a lot of seasons, and talent. 2017 I truly believe was a year of development for players like Howard, Cohen, Trubisky, and our entire defense. When the only options you give Trubisky is to hand off the ball, or throw to receivers with hands covered in KY Jelly… then our offense isn’t very hard to play against.

Trubisky finished the season with a 59.4% completion rate, which isn’t HORRIBLE, but then again our receivers are trying to catch a football with chopsticks. Building a team around a guy who loves to kiss titties is something I can get behind of.Trubisky

We very much know where the adjustments have to be made, and the hiring of Matt Nagy as head coach was a start. Matt Nagy has worked with Alex Smith, and has turned him into an elite QB in the NFL. Chicago is very hopeful that he does the same with Trubisky, but as you know, we have daddy issues in Chicago when it comes to our head coaches.

The talent is there entering the 2018 season, CHICAGO HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH!


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