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Super Bowl 52 Review!

Many people knew coming into this game that the New England Patriots we’re going to be the favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles. I mean, why wouldn’t they be? The Pats have the best quarterback to ever play the game and all the Eagles have is Nick Foles. But never count out an underdog, and anything can happen.

The Patriots won the toss and elected to defer, which means they receive the ball at the beginning of the second half. The Eagles came out on fire, Nick Foles looked like he actually belonged in this game. Driving the Eagles down the field on their first drive getting them to the Pats 2 yard line. A false start by Zach Ertz looked like it costed them 4 points, as the eagle were only able to get a field goal on the drive. Brady’s turn. In typical fashion, Brady cut up the Eagles defense like it was deli meat. Quickly getting his team down the field. But like the Eagles, the Pats were only able to produce a field goal. Back to Foles. Man was this drive quick. 3 plays, 77 yards, touchdown Eagles. Foles found Eagles wideout, Alshon Jeffery, on a 34 yard bomb in the endzone. But the point after was missed by rookie kicker, Jake Elliot. 9-3 Eagles at the end of the first period.

With the Patriots looking out of sorts after the first quarter, I’m getting excited. But the game got a little boring. Both teams getting off to a slow start, not much offense happening at this point in the quarter. But something HUGE happened. Brady’s number 2 receiver, Brandon Cooks, gets absolutely smoked on a blind side hit. This hit sidelined him for the rest of the game. The Eagles were the first to strike in the 2nd quarter. Not converting on the 2pt conversion, making the score 15-3. Patriots fans are getting flashbacks of what happened in last years Super Bowl, going down big to the Falcons in the first half. Eagles defense is able to stop brady yet again, making it look easy. Making Brady uncomfortable, rushing throws, putting pressure on the Greatest of All Time. But on the Eagles next drive, Foles bombs one deep to Jeffery again, who bobbles the catch and is intercepted by the Patriots. The Patriots offense has some life again, driving down field and scoring on a 26 yard rush by Pats running back James White. But the Pats kicker missed the point after, making the score 15-9 Eagles. That is the 3rd kick tonight missed by the kickers. But don’t count out the Eagles, driving right down the field again. Getting a stiff arm from hell by rookie running back Corey Clement, putting the Eagles inside the Patriots 10 yard line. And then the best play in the Super Bowl I’ve ever seen, the Eagles draw up some “school yard bullshit” and throw the Patriots all out of sorts, Nick Foles catching a touchdown pass. Putting the Eagles up 22-12 going into the half, Pats fans still keeping what happened last year in the backs of their mind.

With the Patriots receiving the kickoff to start the second half, you gotta ask yourself “where has Gronk been this whole game?”. He had 1 catch in the first half, basically non existent. But the Pats sure did find their man. On the opening drive of the second half, Gronk caught 4 passes, 1 of them being a touchdwon to bring the Patriots with in 3, 22-19. With the Eagles getting the ball for the first time in the second half,their goal needed to be to keep the pedal on the medal. Don’t let up. And that they didn’t. Keeping with the trend of the game, the Eagles came roaring back. Foles and Clement converted on a huge 3rd and 6 with a 22 yard touchdown. Giving the Eagles a 10 point lead again, 29-19. Now they have a little breathing room again. At this point in the game I was wondering if defense was ever going to be played, I got my answer. The answer was nope. Pats get the ball back in the 3rd quarter and just slice up the Eagles defense again. Brady found Chris Hogan wide open, I mean WIDE OPEN, in the end zone. Nobody near him. Terrible defense being played on both sides. Pats brought it back to a 3 point game, 29-26. At the end of 3 quarters, the Eagles are up 29-26, 15 minutes from the Lombardi Trophy.

With a drive that started in the 3rd quarter for the Eagles, they got down to the Patriots 25, but could get no further. They have to opt for a field goal, and the rookie Jake Elliot makes it. 2 big field goals for him so far tonight. Eagles now have a 6 point lead, 32-26. The 4th quarter is usually Tom Brady’s bread and butter, and tonight it was no different. The man drove his team down yet again, and threw a 4 yard fade to Gronk in the endzone, touchdown. The Pats make the point after and now have their first lead of the night, 33-32. But with just under 6 minutes left in the game, Foles finds his top target, Zach Ertz, on a huge 4th and 1 play to keep the Eagles season alive. A few plays later Foles finds Ertz again, it was an even bigger play than the one he made before. It was a touchdown with about 2:30 left in the game. Eagles are up 38-33 and have to go for the 2 point conversion, but it fails. Tom Brady had 1 timeout and 2:30 left in the game to score a touchdown and win it for New England. If yor’re in NE’s seat you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, what could go wrong? Well basically everything went wrong. On the second play of the Patriots possession Brady is strip sacked, and the Eagles recovered it deep within NE territory. All Philly had to do was get a first down and they would lock up the victory. But they failed, and had to kick another field goal. And again, Elliot was money from downtime. Connecting on the 46 yard field to put his team up 8 with 1:05 left in the game. On the ensuing kickoff, the Pats did some dumb shit, tried lateraling the ball to throw off the Eagles, but it failed and they started the ball on their own 9 yard line. Having to go 91 yards with 1 minute to play and no timeouts, you had to think the game was over. But remember who NE’s quarterback is, Tom Brady. He made a couple throws to Gronk and they found themselves at midfield with 9 seconds left. With everybody on the edge of their seat Brady launches one to the endzone, as the play develops it kind of looks like Gronk might have a chance to catch it, but the Eagles defense swarmed the ball and ended up knocking it away.

With no time remaining on the clock, the 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles are your Super Bowl 52 Champions. WHAT. A. FUCKING. GAME. I mean, holy shit that was great. Non stop scoring, trick plays, everything was happening in that game. One of the best Super Bowls I’ve watched. Tom Brady finished with a whopping 505 yards passing, a Super Bowl record. Nick Foles finished with 373 yards passing, way more than people thought he’d get. 1151 yards of total offense in the game, another Super Bowl record. You couldn’t ask for a better game. The Eagles have won their first NFL Super Bowl on the back of the Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles. Good shit Philly, fuck New England. #FlyEaglesFly


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