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Halftime Review

Pepsi Halftime with Justin Timberlake!

First things first, I’m not going to talk about the game. I’m here to talk about the musical side of the Super Bowl. Start it off with P!nk with a great rendition of the national anthem. Giving my man JT some hype to live up too. He did just that.

The former *NSYNC badass came out swinging. Swooning the ladies with his dance moves rocking a tassel covered jacket. To be honest really wasn’t a fan at the beginning. The ridiculous mosh pit by the stage was unreal. Someone broke a leg or two with all that jumping. Holy throw back but Justin is still bringing sexy back even at 37 years old.

Why does it look like he’s wearing a drop cloth? Like one of those sheets that you put on your floors when you’re painting. Step your game up JT. Ok it’s getting better got the Atlanta A&T drumline with Nick Cannon out there for ‘Suit and Tie’. If you don’t get that reference, just leave. Many woman were impregnated when he sat down at the all white piano. Men your girls aren’t safe. A nice tribute to Prince, whoever that is. Purple rain or some shit? I don’t know.

That shit they did with all those mirrors almost made me throw up. Not epileptic friendly lemme tell ya. TROLLS!!!! You know the hit from Trolls would take the W. Then he goes into the stands and hangs out with the most awkward kid ever. There we no special appearances or duets or and *NSYNC reunion unfortunately. All in all solid performance from the Memphis native and Packer fan. 8.7/10 on the performance 100/10 on favorite team. Go pack go!


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