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2018 MLB Free Agency..?

The 2018 MLB free agency period started back on November 2nd, and many of the big names still haven’t signed. Now there has been a lot of smaller signings of guys people probably have never heard of, but the likes of Jake Arrieta, Yu Darvish, and J.D Martinez still haven’t signed. Why haven’t they signed? Is money the problem? Are the teams they want to play for simply not interested? Are they worth the money they want? Who knows.

Usually, ever major sports off-season free agency is eventful. Big name guys signing for more money than God. But in this years MLB free agency, you haven’t seen the huge contracts, yet. With pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in 2 weeks, and everybody else reporting a week after that, you have to wonder if these guys are going to sign. A big named agent, who didn’t share his name, came out and said that these guys are going to boycott spring training. Kind of dumb if you ask me, but his reasoning is what made me stop and think. As the years have gone by, MLB has made more and more money, but teams payrolls have been decreasing… doesn’t seem fair, does it?

When I read this it actually kind of made me mad. The players are the ones who make the MLB the money, they’re the ones playing the game for 6 long months, 7 months if you make the World Series. Now the reason the big name guys aren’t signing, is because they are actually worth the money they want, the other guys that have signed aren’t worth 30 million plus, so they get the money they want. It just doesn’t seem right to me that Arrieta, Darvish, and Martinez are getting shafted out of money that they are truly worth. Arrieta won the Cy Young in 2015, an award that’s given to the best pitcher in each the American and National League. Darvish, one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball today. And Martinez, one of the best hitters in baseball today, hitting 45 home runs last year, and batting .302. Both stats are very impressive. So these guys have the talent and are worth big money. It seems to me that actually boycotting spring training is the right choice. Players in other sports have sat out until they got the contract they want, because eventually somebody will need you and will pay you the money you want. Props to you Jake, Yu, and J.D, keep demanding your money.

P.S, Yu please sign with the cubs!!


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