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Super Bowl 52 Prediction

Super Bowl Prediction.

Super Bowl LII is upon us this weekend, and the Patriots are in it again, not surprised. They are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in what looks to be like an easy win for the Patriots. But will it be? 

Once again were about to embark on a Patriots filled Super Bowl, and once again will I be bored. I understand the Patriots are really good at football, but them continuing to win has gotten old. It’s not fun to watch anymore. Dominance in a sport is great for a franchise, obviously. But to me it just makes the sport boring as fuck because you know the story line every single year. Fuck the Patriots.

Sorry, got a little side tracked there. But I really do believe that the Eagles have a shot to pull this off in rather easy fashion. Their defense is way better than the patriots, which is good because Tom Brady is old and is making more mistakes. Now, don’t get me wrong Brady is the best quarterback ever and one of the best in the game still but he just hasn’t been himself in my eyes. The Eagles running game is better than the patriots as well. New England has Rob Gronkowski, who is arguably the hardest player in the NFL to defend, catching passes from Brady. With Gronk alone, the Pats win the receivers battle. But in the passing game, sheesh who knows what to except from Mr. Nick Foles. We all know Brady is going to have himself a good game as usual. But Foles… Foles is the x-factor if you ask me. If he comes out and plays like everybody thinks he will, which is play bad, the Pats will win. But, if Foles comes out like he did in the NFC championship, absolutely ripping the Minnesota Vikings defense apart,  the Eagles will have a really good shot at taking down the Pats.

Like I said, it all comes down to the Eagles qb, Foles. I think the Eagles are going to beat the Patriots. I think Brady will have a good game but getting out dueled by Foles. I’m not that big of a betting man, but I’d be putting my money on the Eagles.

27-24, Eagles in a thriller.


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