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FOOD FIGHT! Easy Mac v.s. Ramen Noodles

Cheap and delicious? My favorite combination!

That’s right folks your resident fat man is back with another food blog. We’re going to talk about two of the cheapest and best tasting college survival foods known to man! Easy Mac taking on Ramen noodles. If you dont like either of these fine cuisines chances are you’re living a terrible life.

Alright, in the blue corner coming in at roughly a dollar a package, Raaaamennnn NOOOOODLES. Ramen comes in a YUGE(Trump voice) array of flavors ranging from the delicious beef, chicken, shrimp hell even chicken tortilla. A whopping 21 different flavors that can be whipped up into a gourmet feast in 3 minutes. Move over Gordon Ramsay, Chef Willy is in the building. Those 21 flavors can be changed into something even more amazing then they already are. You can add meat, vegetables, any sauce you want, hell even cheese.

Ramen Noodle Bowl

Now you’re probably thinking “That sounds really cheap and disgusting.” YOU’RE WRONG!! Well about the disgusting part. For 5 dollars you can have homemade Lo Mein that could feed an entire village. The best part about it is that you only need a microwave. You don’t need a stove of any of those fancy pots and pans. For a college aged broke kid, this probably ranks up there next to thanksgiving dinner.

In the red corner, Old Faithful, Easy Mac. This comes in at a $1.29 per cup or container, I dont know what you call it. There’s honestly no way you can mess up Easy Mac. Heat it up, add cheese and enjoy. Its Idiot proof. You can never go wrong with Mac and Cheese. Brings me back to my days when I was just a wee little lad. Just so everyone knows, MY MOM MAKES THE BEST MAC AND CHEESE EVER! Sorry, off topic. What was I saying? Oh yeah MAC AND CHEESE FUCKING ROCKS. Unfortunately, unlike Ramen, you can really add much to Mac and Cheese without it losing it’s true flavor. SIKE!


You can add an assortment of sauces and meats to crank up the mouth party. You can even keep it simple and chop up some hot dogs and toss em in there like you’re the next Rachael Ray. The one advantage Easy Mac has is that the noodles can come in different shapes. We all know they never actually look like they’re supposed to but its the thought that counts.

My preference is going to be Ramen Noodles. Simply because there are so many different flavors to start with. I’m a big dude and I like options. Shit I might get frisky and start mixing Beef with Sriracha Chicken and gettin my freak on. Whether its a College Dorm or your parents basement with Easy Mac and Ramen noodles by your side you can turn it into a 5 star restaurant. Two bucks for a meal? Are you kidding me! “Nah baby we aint dolla menu tonight, we on that Ramen noodle feast!” RAMEN NOODLES FOR THE WIN!


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