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What to Look for in 2018

What will 2018 bring?

Alright so clearly we’re already a month into 2018. Can’t believe it honestly, time flies. But these are just a few things I’m looking for this year, Enjoy!

March Madness

The one thing I’m looking forward to the most happens to be NCAA March Madness. Happens every year and its fucking phenomenal, that is if you’re anything but a 16 seed in the tournament. A 16 seed has never won a game in March Madness. But anyways, this tournament always brings excitement, frustration and joy. Joy if your team wins that is. The tournament is so great every year because you honestly never know what could happen. Upsets, darkhorses, buzzer-beaters, you name it. Shits crazy. My team is and always will be Duke, loved ’em since I was little. Who do you have this year?

march mad



The Incredibles 2. 

Yes, they’re finally releasing the second one after 13 and a half years! What the fuck took so long??? I was like 9 when I saw this movie and was looking forward until the next one, but year by year passed and it didn’t come out. But finally it’s here and I’m pumped. In theaters in June.


Solo: A Star Wars Story

To be honest I’ve never really liked Star Wars, but I like the movies. If that makes sense? Anyways, yea they’re making another Star Wars movie after just releasing one this past Christmas. They’ll kill it at the box office like they always do, them fuckers are rolling in the cash. Definitely a movie to go see. Comes out in May.


Deadpool 2

This first movie in this series was fucking hilarious. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. So the second movie has some big shoes to fill, am I’m confident it will. No question, I will go see the midnight showing of this movie because I absolutely can not wait for it’s release. This one also releases in May.


Fifty Shades: Freed

Yes, I am looking forward to this movie, and no I’m not a girl. This trilogy movies honestly is astounding. I’ve seen the first 2, incredible. Third and final one should be no less than incredible as well. Thankfully this one is about to release, coming out next Friday.


World Cup 2018

Anybody who follows soccer knows that this is the biggest soccer event ever, outside of the Olympics probably. You don’t even need to follow soccer to enjoy the World Cup, that is if your team is in. Embarrassingly, the USA did not make. Fucking joke of a program if you ask me. One of the biggest countries in the world, and you’re losing to teams that are a fraction of your size, sad. Back to the point, the last world cup was in 2014 and I remember watching nearly every game. Just seeing how passionate some of the countries fans are is remarkable. The games are going to be taking place in Russia, lord help everybody attending. Fuck Putin. Germany, France, Spain and Brazil are powerhouses, look for these teams in the finals. The World Cup kicks off June 14th.


Game of Thrones

Ok if you follow GoT, then you know the final season isn’t releasing this year. But I just want to rant for a second. HBO announced that it won’t come out until 2019. FUCK YOU. Now I have to wait a whole another year until the best t.v show ever comes back on. How does it take 18 months to make like 7 episodes?? Get your shit together HBO.


Those are just some of the things I’m looking for in 2018. I hope 2018 is a good year for me, and you as well!




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