Elite Police Force, or Badged Thugs?

An explosive corruption trial involving over EIGHT members of the “Elite” Police Task Force in Baltimore kicked off last week… And it isn’t pretty.Detective Maurice Ward already plead guilty to corruption charges, and testified. Apparently, him and his fellow “Elite” coworkers were told to carry replica BB guns “in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them”. According to Maurice, this is only the tip of the iceberg.


These stupid son of a bitches are the ones we have to trust to do well in this country?

The testimonial went on to say, “cops allegedly kept fake guns in their patrol cars to plant on innocent people – a fail-safe they could use if they happened to shoot an unarmed suspect.”

Oh no… It doesn’t stop there. Prosecutors are also saying that this “Elite” Police Force abused their power by robbing suspects and innocent people, raiding homes with not one warrant, and of course flooding the streets with the drugs they confiscated. Yeah, they’d confiscate drugs, and sell them back to the streets.

In relation to their fake gun planting, a new case circling up is the shooting of 13 year-old Tamir Rice. Tamir Rice allegedly sprinted at cops with a toy gun, and was shot, which lead to his death. Guess what was left at the scene… a toy gun. From 2015-2016 there was 86 fatalities caused by the police, and every single one was found carrying a toy BB gun.

8 members of the badged gangsters have plead guilty to these charges, as well as racketeering charges.

This is it America… I think it’s time to start looking deeper.


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