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A New Device to Take Selfies..

New Selfie Stick...

So I’m scrolling through twitter and see Rolling Loud Festival was announced, ESPN is still on Tom Brady’s dick, somebody bitching about their cryptocurrency, a selfie device is made that lets you take selfies with your feet, and then I stopped scrolling… What the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously?? Take selfies with your feet?! Like, selfies are whack to begin with, and then you make this shit? What is wrong with this world.

There’s bigger things to worry about than creating a selfie device that lets you take selfies with your feet. Maybe a cure for cancer? Figure out how to feed more people? I don’t know, there has to be something more useful you can do with your time then create that fucking device. It’s honestly quite comical, who comes up with this shit?? I hope this is as irrelevant as Vanilla Ice’s rap career. But the sad thing is that this stupid thing will probably make somebody millions of dollars. Very sad. I need to come up with something really dumb and make millions. Seems like a good get rich quick method, right? Fuck the foot selfie stick.


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