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Twitter or Trump-ter

President Trump needs to log off Twitter

Being the President of the United States, or any country for that matter seems like it would be a difficult job. But judging by the tweets from POTUS…is it really that difficult. DISCLAIMER: I don’t give a shit if you like or dislike Trump. The tweets this jag bag posts are just ridiculous and sometimes just childish.

Let me get this straight, you’re the highest power in the USA and you have time to get into twitter fights with that Korean midget? Piss off bruv. I work a full time job and bless you guys with these blogs and barely have time to think about tweeting. Even former Presidents don’t tweet as much as Donny T. I haven’t seen one tweet out of good ole Honest Abe, have you? NO. Now you’re probably thinking “Willy, Abe is dead.” Yeah you’re right he’s as dead as Nick Cannons rap career, but that’s besides the point. How about you put the phone down, which we all know isn’t an iPhone 8 Plus because those baby hands can’t hold it, set the golf clubs aside, and make America actually great. P.S., I have no faith in you.

Here are a few of his tweets since he began this shit show of a presidency:

Now, just so we’re still clear, I don’t care about whether you support him or not. If Barack or George Dubya(W) were tweeting like this I’d write about them too. I do have to add that I find it hilarious that he refers to Kim Jung Un as “rocket man”. I however don’t condone him basically cyber bullying a psychopath. Like rapper Drake said “twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers.”

Why on earth is the POTUS concerned about the NFL and their ratings? I can name a few things that should be of higher concern. Helping veterans, uniting Americans or maybe work on his short game because I heard he can’t get it in the hole. How you doing Melania πŸ˜‰ I can’t help but laugh at these tweets because unfortunately they are funny. But coming from the President, it’s ridiculous. At least we know he can be a comedian once he doesn’t get re-elected.

Whether it’s popping off on twitter or making a damn fool of himself when he tries to drink water, he needs to stop. Maybe twitter should ban his account. What do you think? I’m all for using social media as a platform. Maybe use it on holidays or in a positive manner. It seems like Trump drunk tweets. Let’s buckle down and try not to cause WW3 the Don. He’s tweeted at athletes, rappers and basically anyone that disagrees with him. At this rate by 2028 one of the Kardashians will be president.


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