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Is Money Mayweather looking to get a UFC title now too?

Earlier today Floyd "Money" Mayweather uploaded a clip of him making a BOLD entrance into a... Octagon?

Earlier today Floyd “Money” Mayweather uploaded a clip of him making a BOLD entrance into a… Octagon? (Video at the bottom)

As you know, Floyd Mayweather and his money team arranged to come out of retirement, and shut McGregor up. Yeah it was a business move. No Mcgregor never stood a chance.

Of course, Mayweather ended up winning by TKO. That sparked all these UFC cargo short wearing fans to start talking shit allll over again! “He only beat him by a TKO, and it took Mayweather that long to win.” HOW DO YOU HAVE AN ARGUMENT ABOUT HOW YOU SHOULD OF LOST EARLIER?! LOSERS! First of all, you battery eating mental midgets, McGregor challenged Mayweather! McGregor offered to make it a boxing match, all Mayweather did was win…

Anyways, earlier today Mayweather uploaded a clip of him entering an octagon, which could possibly be hinting towards McGregor VS Mayweather rematch! This time, in Mcgregors playhouse.

I hope this happens. I hope he goes in there and does the exact same thing he did to him in the boxing ring.


I actually like McGregor, but his fan base is the fucking worse! Between them, and Philly Eagles fans, I’m not sure who has more brain cells.

What I can’t wait for is all the excuses that are going to be lined up once McGregor loses again. “He’s not used to that speed. He doesn’t like to box. He’s used to the ring having 8 sides, not 4. He’s not a toe to toe fighter.” Wait, what? A fighter doesn’t like exchanging hits with his opponent?… Candy ass losers!

McGregor is quick, but I don’t think he remembered Mayweather is quicker. Look at him try to pull a fast one:

McGregor trying to pull a fast one..

All I know is Mayweather remains undefeated, and would not have a problem stepping in to an octagon for the rematch. Another W, and another walk to the bank.

As The Money Team says, “Easy Money”.



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