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46 Tons of Beads Found in New Orleans Sewers.

New Orleans sewers are lit.

Yea.. you read that right. 46 fucking tons of beads in the NOLA sewers. And honestly, it doesn’t shock me one bit. The city of NOLA announced the findings today, and it only consisted of a five block parade route where the beads were found. Just imagine the odor coming from the beads, sheesh probably smelt like shit. How old do you think the beads were? 5, 10 years? Either way the fact they found 46 tons is just crazy.

Like I said, this comes as no surprise to me. Those people down there party like crazy for like every holiday you can think of.  Easter, Halloween, New Years, Mardi Gras are just some of the holidays they celebrate and have a parade for. Even St. Joseph’s Day, whoever the fuck that is. I feel like I should know what that holiday is but oh well, I don’t give a shit. You can only imagine how many people are wearing beads, since it is a big part of their celebrations. I’m going down to visit for St. Patty’s Day in March so I hope that place is going crazy. I’ll be getting shitfaced, wasting money at the casino, scaring the shit out of myself on the haunted tours, and definitely throwing my beads in the sewer. That seems appropriate, right? Seems like everybody else does it? Whatever, fuck it. Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler.


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