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GGG vs Canelo Alvarez will be the standoff we all deserve on Cinco De Mayo

GGG vs Canelo is a rematch that won’t disappoint

Now I know the last time these two faced each other there was a bit of controversy. I will be completely honest, a tie is something I was okay with since I am a fan of both of these fighter! This time around? It won’t be so simple.

GGG and Canelo Alvarez started training the very next day after their draw. This is going to be the fight we all deserve! Not some Mayweather vs Mcgregor circus shit.

I am a huge fan of both of these fighters. GGG is an undefeated warrior, and Canelo is just a power house! The power that these two hold is unreal. This fight (where there has to be a winner) is either going to make or break one fighter’s legacy.

My Mexican compadre Canelo, is no joke. He hasn’t only been training to win this time around, but training to knock out GGG. That’s a whole different level of insanity, since neither fighter has ever been knocked out. In Canelo’s latest interview he said, “Golovkin won’t have excuses – he’s getting knocked out!” The power of Canelo, and speed is very rare to have for his size. Stocky, and quick is the ultimate combo.

Just ask Amir Khan how shit talking worked out for him:

giphy (2).gif

GGG is the perfect man to be fighting Canelo. Humble, hard-working, and undefeated Gennady Golovkin has knocked out 33 of his opponents… here’s the thing, he’s only fought 38 people. HE HAS KNOCKED OUT 33 OUT OF THE 38! Holy shit, that is an unreal thing!

Oh yeah… GGG doesn’t like shit talkers either:

There’s no question that both of these fighters are training as hard as they ever have before, for this rematch. There last match was a toe-to-toe brawl, and I can only imagine what this rematch will be like.

Mark your calendar! May 5th will be an old fashioned Mexican stand off.



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