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60th Grammys Breakdown

The Grammys are always music to our ears!

The 60th annual Grammy Awards happened last night. The Super Bowl of music. A room filled with some of the best musical minds in the world. From emotional performances remembering artist we’ve lost to performances you can’t even understand. The Grammys never disappoints.

Opening up the show was Grammy nominated and winning Kendrick Lamar. I honestly had no clue what the fuck was going on. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying and all his dancers looked like they were having seizures. But, the goat, comedian Dave Chappelle made a few appearances. There was a strong showing from the country world with Little Big Town and my boy Eric Church putting a little twang in the mix. Oh and the played Despacito for the trillionth time. Daddy Yankee came out there with his best Lebron James spray on hairline.Kendrick-Lamar-Billboard-2016.jpg

Ed Sheeran was a winner for his song “Shape of You”, unfortunately he couldn’t be there because he was busy being amazing somewhere else. Bruno Mars and the always grool face worthy Cardi B brought down the house with the banger “Finesse”. Offset, you’re a lucky dude. Bruno Mars you’re the fucking man. Best Comedy album? Had no clue that was a thing, but wouldn’t you know it the OG DAVE CHAPPELLE took that bitch home. Shaggy and Sting took the stage together. That was ok I guess, still no clue what clue Shaggy says other than “Wasn’t me”. Pissed that Lil Uzi and Migos didn’t win. Rigged I tell ya.

The last performance of the night was Logic’s very important song, 1-800-273-8255. He followed the very emotional performance with an incredibly powerful speech about equality and spreading love. Also, reminding everyone that no country or nation is a shithole. The night ended with the crowning of the big mama jamma, big cheese, creme de la creme,  Album of the Year. This year it came down to Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Bruno Mars. With absolutely no surprise BRUNO MARS with 24K Gold! MY FUCKING DUDE!!


All in all the 60th anniversary was the same ole same ole. Amazing performances, insane collabs. This year it was the year of Rap and Hip Hop with Bruno and Kendrick taking home the majority of the big awards. Music is amazing and so are the artists we have today. Except you Taylor Swift, knock it off.


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