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PRO BOWL Pregame!

Pro Bowl preview, NFC over AFC.

Today is the day folks!!! The 2018 NFL PRO BOWL is here. Im sure none of you are as excited as me but im pumped. I love the Pro Bowl, you get to see the elite of elite on the same field. Unless you’re the Browns, none of you are elite.  Not even sorta elite. You couldn’t get wet if you fell off a boat in the middle of the ocean. That’s beside the point. If your team isn’t in the Superbowl the Pro Bowl is the next best thing.


You’ve got the NFC led by quarterbacks Russell Wilson, Jared “Came outta nowhere” Goff and the no doubt first ballot HOF’er Drew Brees. These guys will be dropping dimes to the hot hands of Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and my boy Devante Adams (GO PACK GO!). Killing it in the back field is the dynamic duo from NOLA, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingrim. And that one kid from the Rams, TODD FUCKING GURLEY! I won’t talk about the tight ends because if you’re not Gronk I dont wanna talk. Leading the way is a star studded group of fat men ready to make the backfield shine.


On the defensive side for the NFC you have an absolute brick wall up front with the likes of Mike Daniels and Gerald McCoy.  Bringing pressure from the end you’ve got yet another Saint in Cameron Jordan. Behind the great wall of NFC they have Earl Thomas, Xavier Rhodes, Marshon Lattimore and Harrison Smith. That’s just to name a few. If this line up was an actual team it would be a billion to negative two at the half. I’m a Packers fan so I really only fuck with the NFC.


Representing for the AFC we have the ageless Big Ben and almighty gunslinger, Philip Rivers. This backfield is no joke, McCoy, Bell and Kareem Hunt combined for 23 TD’s in the regular season. Another group of big men that never get enough glory will be holding the fort down up front. HOT HANDS ALERT: Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins and Jarvis Landy on the same team?! Oh lord. Travis Kelce, I see you bro.


Defensively they have some studs. Obviously it’s the Pro Bowl. Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, Geno Atkins and Malik Jackson taking care of business in the trenches. For the fast big boys we’ve got Von Miller, Terrell Suggs and CJ Mosley. All I have to say after that is Jalen Ramsey and Aqib Talib. Now Jalen don’t make any predictions because we all know how that went the last time for you. Oh yeah, Micah Hyde, sorry your QB sucks but shoutout to Bills Mafia.


Now I know some people don’t like the Pro Bowl. “It’s too flashy”, “No defense” and “It’s boring”. HOW DARE YOU. I love the Pro Bowl. It’s pure fun, guys going out there and just playing the game they love with some friends. It’s basically a televised pickup game in the park.  I’m just excited because Tom Brady and fucking Nick Foles won’t be there. Unfortunately, I somehow feel there will be a call by the refs that goes in the favor of the Patriots. GO PACK GO! NFC takes the cake 35- 21!


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