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Glad Tiger is Back.

Tiger is Back.

Eldrick Woods or as many people know him as, Tiger Woods, is back playing golf again. And hopefully its for good this time. Tiger means so much to the game of golf, the crowds he draws are far bigger than any of the crowds that are seen at golf tournaments nowadays. Ever since he came onto the scene in 1996, he’s been a household name. Winning many major events and racking up a stellar career, many consider this man the greatest golfer to ever live.

The sports world has missed this man. It’s been about 3 years now that Tiger has had back injuries that keep sidelining him from the course. In May of 2017, Tiger was arrested on a DUI charge. Again setting him back. But he has been to hell and back and is now looking to be back for good, THANK THE LORD. One of my favorite athletes to watch growing up, he really got me into golf. He did this with many people and is the reason golf is as big as it is today.

Tiger is one of the most dominate athletes to ever live, in my opinion. Winning majors by double digit strokes, absolutely demolishing course records. In his prime it was like watching magic, he was that fucking good. Nobody could touch him when his game was on.  The amount of people that followed him hole to hole at events was intimidating to play against, I would assume. Everybody cheering for Tiger and not giving a shit about who he’s playing. The red golf shirts he wore on Sunday’s are one of the most iconic “uniforms” to ever be worn. Every Sunday, if Tiger was playing, you knew he was going to be in red.

I really hope this time around Tiger is able to compete at a high level. If he were able to play well enough to win a major, golf is going to be huge again. Competing against today’s best golfers will put Tiger to the test. He is currently playing in an event in California. First PGA event in awhile and hes doing just fine. Plenty of time for him to come into his own again. We’re all here for you Tiger, hoping your comeback this time is for real.


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