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11 Places You’ve Never Heard Of, And Should Visit!

This world is home to so many beautiful places, and we should take full advantage of it! Here are 11 destinations you HAVE to see before you kick the bucket!

This world is home to so many beautiful places, and we should take full advantage of it! Here are 11 destinations you HAVE to see before you kick the bucket!

  1. First stop of our lovely escapes is Huacachina. Huacachina is located in Peru, and is the perfect escape for anyone looking to escape the congestion of city life. Travelers usually enjoy sand-boarding, and hitting the sandy slopes in dune-buggies. huacachina
  2.  Ihla Das Flores, Portugal. When you think of scenery, and tranquility, Ihla Das Flores which is located off the coast of Portugal, brings just that! Loaded with tons of trails, and quit spots makes Ihla Das Flores every backpacker’s dream! 


  3. The Marble Caves in Chile. This has to be the most beautiful creation this earth has given us! The Marble Caves are located in Chile, and you are able to get to them, and explore by canoe/kayak. 


  4.  Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia. The stunning Gothic Architecture of Las Lajas Sanctuary makes it a must see! The history, and legends behind this location is amazing. Las Lajas Sanctuary was built in 1916, and legend has it that everything started from a miraculous event in 1754. Maria Mueces, and her daughter Rosa, which was deaf-mute, were caught in a powerful storm. While the two were looking for shelter, they ran in to a cave, where they were able to see the image of Our Virgin Mary on one of the walls. Rosa then shouted to her mother, pointing to the image. It is believed that the apparition of the Virgin Mary cured Rosa. 

  5. Castellucio di Norcia, located in Umbria, Italy. The beautiful town of Castellucio di Norcia is known for their colorful/blooming season from late May to early July. Providing you with the most breath-taking views!



  6. Plaza De Armas in Durango, Mexico. This place brings you culture, excitement, and beauty all in one! Forget Cancun, and forget the resorts. Want to get close with the genuine people of Mexico? Then Plaza De Armas in Durango, Mexico is for you! Offering a festive night life, food, and constant entertainment in the Plaza Central.
    Plaza De Armas
    Durango, Mexico


  7.  Lençóis Maranhenses located in Maranhão, Brazil. The clear, rain made lagoons are a real beautiful sight! Thanks to the 47 inches of rain Lençóis Maranhenses receives every year, these perfectly clear lagoons remain an attraction, and must see during the months of July – September!

    Lençóis Maranhenses, in Maranhão, Brazil
  8.  Portree, Scotland. The harbor is the focal point, featuring a number of pubs, restaurants and extraordinary views across the coast. It’s a MUST VISIT if you love to explore incredibly scenic wild regions! Portree
  9. Citadelle Laferrière, in Haiti. The Citadelle Laferriere is a magnificent mountaintop fortress originally built after Haiti gained independence, in order to provide protection against French invasion. It remains more or less in the same beautiful condition now as it did back then, and is, for Haitians, a revered symbol of their strength when faced with threat.citadeleCitadelle-Laferriere
  10. Rothenburg, Germany. Looking for a breath taking place you can only imagine exists in movies? Rothenburg in Germany is just that. It’s beautiful colors during the Summer, or breath taking look during the Winter makes this a year round MUST SEE! rothenburg{0ea16b1b-acb0-9aa9-fb04-33c4b3746947}
  11. Glacier Lake near British Columbia is an amazing place. The vibrant blue lakes, and beautiful scenery during a kayaking trip makes this a must do! You can only get to this lake by helicopter, and once you arrive you are free to take it all in! Best time to visit is usually from October – January where you can catch the full experience of kayaking through the Glaciers! Burk_Ice_Ice_Baby-7_1024x1024Kanoe

There’s a world out there for us to explore, Enjoy!


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