The Return: XFL 2020

Vince McMahon, WWE founder is looking to bring back the XFL! Another whack at the professional football league is set to come about in 2020.

XFL is looking to bring the same flavor as it did in 2001, with a few adjustments! Unlike in 2001, McMahon stated this new revamped XFL will not be focused on the “entertainment” WWE style. There will not be any focus on the sassy cheerleaders, or halftime gimmicks.

However, they are looking to keep the rough play at an all-time high. XFL brought the heavy hits, shit talking, and edge that the NFL would fine their players $1,000,000 for.


Vince McMahon will be the reason this succeeds, or fails, since he is the only one funding this project. $100,000,000 of his own money is at stake! This shit is going to be wild!

XFL is planned to launch January of 2020, and here are some of the specifics:

Features of Returning XFL
  • 8 teams to start
  • 40 man rosters
  • 10-game season beginning in January
  • Two-hour game-time goal
  • Any player with a criminal record precluded from playing
  • Players won’t receive forum to take personal stance on social issues on playing field

The return of the XFL is what America needs! The NFL is so soft, and I’M TIRED OF IT! People are getting fined, and penalized for breathing on QB’s, or hitting too hard! Take that shit to the CFL!

“What has happened there is their business, and I’m not going to knock those guys, but I am going to learn from their mistakes as anyone would if they were tasked with re-imaginingĀ a new football league.” – Vince McMahon

This announcement has sparked the interested of no other than, Johnny Manziel! Manziel took to InstagramĀ to express his interest, and hint towards his return being to the XFL, and not the NFL. Johnny Football would be great for this league! His style of play, and his character is exactly what the XFL is made of!


Here’s to The Return for both, The XFL x Johnny Manziel. #Comeback$zn


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