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Super Bowl LII. My Pick?…

Come February 4th, there will be a huge battle! Eagles vs The Patriots. Tom Brady vs The World! Who do I have taking an L?

Come February 4th, there will be a huge battle! Eagles vs The Patriots. Tom Brady vs The World! Who do I have taking an L?

Not even a question!!!! EAGLES will lose! I hope they lose by a million! They have had a great season, and I respected what Wentz did, and respect what Foles has done. The Eagles are a solid team. Their defense is crazy good, and their offense is phenomenal, but the Patriots!? You think these birds are going to beat the PATRIOTS!? You’re psychotic!

First off, what happened to the last flock of birds that faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl? (Hint Below)


Honestly, the Eagles are a legit team. Why do I hate them and wish them the worst!? THEIR FANS. The trash city of Philly is the way it is because of their obnoxious, wanna be fans! I’m a Chicago Bears fan, and even we act like we’ve been there before!  Philadelphia fans are a whole different animal. Drunk, dumb, not composed, dumb, don’t know how to act in public, 0-2 in the Super Bowl, dumb, and are just terrible human beings!

Philadelphia beat the Vikings in the NFC championship to snap their 13 year-old drought. They were running around making Viking’s fans miserable! Hey blockheads, I wouldn’t do that since they’re holding your funeral in their state on February 4th.

Want examples of this good for nothing, trash of a fan base?

I mean, this shit got so bad that the Philadelphia Eagles had to apologize for their garbage fan base! They were throwing beer cans at Viking fans that were just trying to get to their car. Mind you, this is the same group of fans who booed Santa Claus, and pelted him with snowballs in the stands.

They’re losers, always will be. Tom Brady is going to beat the whole city of Philadelphia like they were his red-headed stepchild, and make them show respect.

Philadelphia, you’re garbage, and guess what happens to garbage? It gets taken out. TB12 12Gawd Tom Brady will make sure of it.

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