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Larry Nassar your time has come.

Sick monster to spend the next 175 years in jail.

Larry Nassar you’re a piece of shit. Just kidding… Wait no I’m not. That’s right unless you’ve been under a rock gobbling up tide pods that name should sound familiar. He is the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State team doctor who sexually molested over 160 girls. As kids we’re raised to trust Doctors and people in that field. This guy makes you think twice.An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I wish that were true in this case. This sick perverted dick weasel abused his power and position to sexually assault his patients. Patients who were somewhat forced to see him since he was the team doctor. Since the 90’s people have entrusted this sick fuck with the well being of their young daughters. The first accusation came in 2016. In the time of accusations coming from all over the place, people are still looking for someone to be made an example of.Thank GOD it is this worthless scum.

Today, Nassar was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison. This comes on top of the 30 years he is serving for possession of child pornography. Child porn, fuck you man. You’re the scum that needs to die a slow and painful death. I’m not one to wish bad on anyone, but for people like him I can make an exception. SHOUT OUT TO ROSEMARIE AQUILINA! You ma’am are the voice and the swift right hand of justice that is needed for cases like this.

#MeToo, get familiar with that statement. It is not just 5 letters, it is a movement. A movement that should not even be needed. For someone to sexually assault another person, no matter the age, sex or any fucking unacceptable. People who do it to children and adolescents should sit in the electric chair and ride the lightning until they’re burnt as dark as their souls. This makes me sick. If you ever think of sexually assaulting someone, especially an adolescent you can rot in the deepest pit of hell. Larry Nassar, may the rest of your life be more miserable than how you made your victims feel.


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