Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West name their child after a city…

Kanye West, and his boss Kim Kardashian had another baby! That means, a whole new line of income for the Kardashian family… Congrats. Even crazier, the baby was named after a city!

Honestly, I’m happy for them. They are having another baby, and I can only imagine how great that feeling is. Here’s my problem…

They named their new daughter **Drum Roll**…. CHICAGO WEST.


What the actual fuck. These two psychopaths had the audacity to name their California Sun Tan City daughter, Chicago?! The greatest city in this world doesn’t deserve being downplayed like this. Neither one of these two have any relevance to Chicago. Yes, Kanye West is from Chicago… BUT that all went out the window once he married this great actress, Kim Kardashian. (You should really look up her movie, won’t disappoint)

From a music stand point, Kanye West is a genius. I love his bold FUCK EVERYBODY attitude… I have to draw the line somewhere though! I want the city of Chicago to remain as far away as possible to having any kind of connection to the Kardashians. A city that is made from grit, hard work, bold attitude, “never backing down” people does not deserve this bitch slap.

Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian are fake, air-headed, always challenging those that are far more powerful, and are trying to making this world believe they are something they are not. They should of at least picked a city name that suits their standards… like, Milwaukee.

haha okay, I’m proud of that joke, and if you didn’t laugh you have a big dump in your pants.



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