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Justin Timberlake OMG!

Timberlake is going to make everyone a winner at the Super Bowl this year!

Folks we are 11 days from one of the biggest spectacles in the US of motha fuckin A. THE SUPER BOWL. To be honest I don’t care about the game. You’ve got the New England Cheaters taking on that one bird team. The studliest stud in stud town will be making his third appearance in the halftime spotlight and I can’t contain my excitement. That’s right, Justin Timberlake is back.


JT, yeah I call him JT…we’re pretty close. The Memphis native who has won damn near every award a singer/songwriter can win is making his third appearance. The last one was a little controversial because of the nip slip seen all around the world. I’m ok with that, nothing wrong with a little skin. Janet Jackson, you can sit this one out though. The Ravens and the Pats have been the Champs when JT performs which makes the AFC 2-0 in the Super Bowl. Could it be an AFC/JT sweep this year?


Fucking NSYNC man! Mickey Mouse Club! He’s bringing sexy back for shit sake! I’m all for this halftime show. I can’t remember the last halftime show that didn’t suck donkey balls. Lady Gaga, GARBAGE! Coldplay, how about “Dontplay”. You can’t go wrong with someone who has done it right two times before. He wasn’t up there on his own though. Features include: Janet Jackson and her nipple, P Diddy, Kid Rock and even my girl Mary J Blige.


Everyone watches the Super Bowl. Yes the ratings are down because Roger Goodell sucks dudes off for high fives and the whole taking a knee thing. So much goes on though, new commercials, the halftime show and lets see how long it takes P!nk to sing the national anthem. The NFL isn’t getting much right nowadays but Justin Timberlake playing the halftime show is a step in the right direction.


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