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Time to get jiggy with it!

Short music careers but forever famous!

Music can make you smile ear to ear or cry like a baby and remember Tonya from first grade who sat by Billy on the bus to the Zoo even though you packed an extra snack pack just for her. My bad, off topic…damn you Billy. The world is full of Mumble rap, Taylor Swift unfortunately still making music and whatever the hell Florida Georgia line is doing. But, there are some songs you’ll never forget.


Music has obviously changed over time but there are always those songs that will live forever. Some of the best songs are the beginning and the end of an artists career. Ah shit my dog got out..WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?! That’s right Baha Men someone is actually writing about you guys. Your song came out all the way back in the stone age, 2000. But let me throw some facts at you, I can sing that bitch word for word. Well, all the parts that I can actually understand.


There are so many One Hit Wonders that have come and gone over the years. They’re kinda like an ex girlfriend or a good turkey sub, it was good while it lasted. I’m too sexy for my shirt, sike it’s too cold to go topless. Another one hit wonder, it was hot for a while then it got cold like Ice Ice baby. Sorry Vanilla, I had to go there. All jokes aside you can’t deny that these songs are still bangers.


We can randomly pick 10 one hit wonders and I know for a fact people can still bang to it. Unfortunately…well maybe fortunately in some cases(Sorry not sorry Rebecca Black) , they’re careers may have been slightly longer than the musical gold they blessed us with. One fact remains though, they left their mark on music. Whether it was Eye of the Tiger which is still used in almost every inspirational montage or the halls of a middle school echoing “HEYYYY MACARENA”. The Bangers which turned out to be busts will forever be remembered.


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