Johnny (Money) Manziel’s #ComeBackSZN Has Me HYPED.

Johnny (Money) Manziel was a Heisman winner,  SEC Freshman of the Year, and first round draft pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. As you know, his career was a slippery slope… Until now.

Johnny Manziel dropped a HYPE video for his 2018 #ComebackSzn (which I attached at the bottom of this) , and I could not be anymore jacked for this to happen! Yes, his time in the NFL was very very VERY disappointing. I was a huge Manziel fan, so his joke of a year in the NFL had me shook.

While we were criticizing and bashing Johnny Football, he was out getting his shit together! I respect that. If you are here reading this calling him a loser, then you must of NEVER messed up in your life, and should probably write a book.

2017 was a year of pure grinding for Manziel, and 2018 he is eligible to sign a contract in the CFL. Now I know what you’re thinking, “CFL? That’s a joke of a league!!” but let’s not forget all the other stars who were in the CFL:

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Joe Theismann
  3. Doug Flutie
  4. Ricky Williams
  5. Chad Johnson (Ochocinco)

I am all in on the #CombackSZN for Johnny Manziel! He has my support, and the support/attention of no other than, Jon Gruden. That’s right! Jon Gruden was on the record saying “Hopefully he can come back and play someday, because I sure enjoyed being around him and watching him.” Possibly Manziel shocks the world in the CFL, and Coach Gruden gives him his shot? We will have to wait and see.

Johnny is committed to this return, and I believe him.

Johnny Manziel Via Twitter

I understand that actions speak louder than words, so here is the HYPE video Johnny Football Manziel dropped. You are either with him, or against him, but in this case I’m going to make sure I’m on the right side of history. #ComebackSzn

Go, Johnny, Go.


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