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TB12 12GAWD (Tom Brady) is an Alien… I’m convinced.

Tom Brady is the most unstoppable quarterback known to man. Five Super Bowl wins under his belt, and four out of those five he was named MVP. He's an alien, NOT HUMAN.

Tom Brady is the most unstoppable quarterback known to man. Five Super Bowl wins under his belt, and four out of those five he was named MVP. He’s an alien, NOT HUMAN.

Think about this for a second… what other 40 year-old man can perform at such an elite level on a consistent basis? Most 40 year-old men are either wearing shape-ups or those compression socks that keep your legs from crumbling. This man is performing in the NFL, taking hits, and winning championships!

First of all, Tom Brady is defying the rule of aging. At this point, Tom Brady will own, and play in the NFL at the same time. People are freaking out (and spreading rumors) because Belichick might leave?! WHAT!? If Belichick left the Patriots, Tom Brady would step in and coach the team to the Super Bowl… WHILE TAKING SNAPS! I just honestly don’t know who will ever stop TB12.

The Super Bowl is when postseason starts for Tom Brady. He had a bye week against the Titans, and will start practicing this weekend against the Jags. THE MAN WINS.


I honestly believe you could sign 10 offensive undrafted rookies, and Tom Brady would still somehow wake up in a Super Bowl. Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola were just average players until they started catching passes from Tom Brady. For goodness sake, Edelman was a quarterback in college, and is now catching touchdown passes from the Tommy B.

There has to be some weird alien shit going on. How does he turn every player into a star?! He literally puts magic in a football, and the team feeds off of it once they touch it. Here’s a live look of the Patriots pregame ritual:


I’m a Chicago Bears fan, we are the most hateful group of fans in the country! We hate everybody, and everybody hates us! We wouldn’t want it any other way, but Tom? No, man. Tom Brady is a different specie we don’t like to pick at. He drops dimes from the parking lot at Soldier Field. This man once stepped into Soldier Field, threw so many touchdowns to Gronkowski, that Gronk had to leave the game early from dehydration. Yeah, I don’t mess with Tom.

PS – he’s a man of the people, risking his body for the good of the team:



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