So President Donnie Trump is in a bit of heat again! Shocked? Yeah, me too… -_- Apparently Mr. Trump has dabbled with stars in the porn industry…

Apparently Donald J. (J stands for genius) Trump was paying hush money to a porn star he had a “sexual encounter” with. During his campaign, leading up to a month before election night, Donald Trump and his lawyer were working out a deal to pay hush money to none other than,¬†Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels if you’re cruising Pornhub).

This alleged “sexual encounter” went down in 2006, after Trump and Stormy met at a golf event. Trump at a golf course? Unheard of right? (On a real note, he probably keeps returning to golf courses hoping he runs into more talented young women in Stormy Daniels’ niche) Oh yeah, did I forget to mention this happened a year after the Don married his wife Melania? I’m pretty sure that’s considered “Cheating”… Ya know? That one thing Billy Clints did?

An agreement was reached to pay Stormy $130,000 in hush money a month before elections. Trump’s attorney¬†Michael Cohen arranged for a payment through Stormy’s lawyer Keith Davidson, that prevented her from going public with the affair.

Look, at this point I’m not wishing he messes up. Why would I try to sink a ship that I’m on? I’m not a Trump supporter. NOT A HILLARY SUPPORTER EITHER, so keep that accusation in your back pocket. I just hope we get it all figured out before he takes us down with him.


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