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Barstool Sports: An Empire

Barstool Sports - Building an Empire

Barstool Sports… Some hate their realistic point of views. Others can’t stand their upfront honesty. Me? I LOVE IT, and you should too.

Barstool Sports was founded by Dave Portnoy aka “El Pres” aka “El Presidente” aka “Davey Pageviews”! The man started Barstool Sports as a print publication back in 2004. Fast-forward fourteen years, and they are now the fastest growing Media Entertainment/Blog company in the world!

Barstool Sports is home to some of the most influential radio/blog/public figures in the game. Including Dan “Big Cat” Katz, Kevin “KFC” Clancy (my main man), PFT Commenter, Dave “El Pres” Portnoy, John Feitelberg, and dumbass miscellaneous people like Tex. That’s a fuckin’ wrecking crew.


Barstool Sports has been put in the hot seat countless times, and not once have they crashed. It’s what they do. Their humor, (which is better than any cheesy ass joke ESPN aka Disney aka Mickey Mouse Crew could ever come up with) is what this world needs! Their upfront controversial statements is perfect for this soft ass UNIVERSE!

These guys don’t only have one of the best blogging sites in the world, but they have #1 podcasts like, KFC Radio, Starting 9, and of course Barstool Radio (Which is now going to have it’s own radio station).

The competition (if you can even call it that) have been working day and night to take Barstool Sports down. Success rate? 0. Media sites like fake Deadspin, baby bron bron’s Bleacher Report, and Buzzfeed(??? didn’t know they were still around) have all taken their shots at the empire… only to back fire MISERABLY. Public figures (that I’ve never heard off) have tried calling them out for their not so politically correct approach to everything… only to find out they have more skeletons in their closet than John Wayne Gacy.

We live in a bubble-wrapped generation, and Barstool Sports is the cure for these pillow made children. I’m on board with these guys, and the way they are revolutionizing the blogging game.

So cheers to the Barstool Sports crew, TAKE IT TO THE MOON!

PS –  check out El Pres… taking no prisoners.



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